Passing on Passion

Let’s be honest… The kid didn’t really have a choice. He was thrown in a backpack (one designed to carry children…) strapped to his mothers back, and carried to a waterfall. I’m sure if he had the choice, he would have been just as content sitting in the parking lot playing with dirt. I still like to think that by bringing him along on our latest adventure, we inspired him in some way…

Yesterday, I had the cool opportunity to go hiking with my long time friend saundra and her 9(?) month old son, Luke. Needless to say, Luke was pretty stoked.

Luke and his mom. Stoked. 

Crawford Falls, just outside of Kelowna B.C. was our mission, and it was a good one. After reading the trail descriptions that all ranged in rating it from “Moderate to Difficult” we decided that it would be a great afternoon activity. Usually, when I read trail ratings online, I anticipate that they are written for people like my Grandmother, who don’t get me wrong, is a very accomplished hiker, or families with small children. So I don’t really think much of them. Turns out, when your friend has her new-ish child strapped to her back, you should probably pay a little more attention to such trail ratings.


We were so excited to begin our hike that we walked straight past the trail sign, and continued up into the quarry. Once we realized we had gone too far, we turned around and walked back to the trailhead that was embarrassingly obvious.

After finding the appropriate entrance, we then proceeded down the trail which was fairly steep, included some ladders, and some minor rock climbing. Luke did not seem phased. Saundra was slightly nervous at times, but also handled everything extremely well. I even offered to carry Luke several times, to which I got the response of “No, you don’t love him enough”. Which was a completely fair assessment of the situation.


Casual Wednesday Canyoning by John Entwistle on
The trail was steep and worked its way up this canyon to our main objective


In the end, we made it successfully to a very cool spot that I had neglected to visit in 27 years of living in the Okanagan Valley. Luke got up close to his first big waterfall, and everyone made it home safe. Mission accomplished.



John Entwistle is an adventure photographer based in Kelowna British Columbia Canada, you can follow along on his adventures on instagram or his website


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