Road Trips

Some of my all-time favourite pictures have been taken from the road. Driving down the highway, it is amazing how many great scenes you pass along the way. I have even started to plan trips so that I “happen” to be driving through some of the most scenic areas at times where I know the light will be good.

My family always used to take large summer road trips down the west coast of North America. I would spend hours looking out the window at the passing scenery. It is cool to now be able to use my camera to capture some of those same scenes.

It’s not hard to pull the car over and snap a quick shot. In fact, when I am driving by myself, my camera bag is often sitting in the passenger seat!


On the open road by John Entwistle on
Taken while driving home through Wells Gray Provincial Park in February 2016


Winterscape by John Entwistle on
A winter scene captured from a pullout on Highway 5 in British Columbia


North Thompson Sunset by John Entwistle on
Sunset from the side of Highway 5 north of Kamloops, B.C.



Foggy Harbour by John Entwistle on
Lions Gate Bridge and Vancouver B.C. from the side of the Cypress Mountain Road

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