The Power of the Mountains in Black and White

I spend a lot of time in the mountains. Not just because my place of work happens to be located in a very remote part of the British Columbia Wilderness, but because I truly enjoy the feeling of being out in the mountains. Some of the most powerful images I have ever captured of mountain landscapes have been in black and white. In fact, I have a whole gallery dedicated to black and white mountain images on my website!


Waldorf Tower, British Columbia, Canada

I think the main thing about black and white mountain images is that when you remove the colour from a mountain environment, you are left with the simple power and rawness of the mountain. It boils it down to what makes us feel so small and alive when we are in the mountains. I love it.


Downie Morning Black and White by John Entwistle on
Downie Peak, British Columbia, Canada


The level of contrast you can get from a mountain landscape is unbelievable. With so many different rolls and shadows, the possibilities are almost endless! And, as the sun moves across the horizon, you get a different view minute by minute!

Silent Monster by John Entwistle on
Goldstream Mountain, British Columbia, Canada

Of course, there are mountains all over the world. I have had the opportunity to capture quite a few mountain landscapes along my journey, and I anticipate there will be many more to come!

Jungfrau, Switzerland

John Entwistle is a photographer based in British Columbia, Canada. You can find more of John’s work on his website and Instagram feed.


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