British Columbia Sunsets

Sunsets Over the Holidays

In British Columbia, December and January bring some of the most amazing lighting conditions of the year. As a photographer, I make sure that my camera is never far as I know that the sun sitting so low on the horizon is bound to produce some of the most stunning sunsets of the year. These are four images taken over the last two weeks of classic winter sunsets from the British Columbia interior.


Christmas Sunset in Kelowna by John Entwistle on
Christmas Day Sunset – December 25, 2015



Fire and Ice by John Entwistle on
Fire and Ice over Downie Peak – December 31, 2015



Sunset Panorama - January 2016 by John Entwistle on
Goldstream Valley Gold – January 6, 2016



Fiery Sky Over Mara Lake – January 9, 2016


Where have you captured some amazing sunsets over the last couple of weeks? I am always looking for new vantage points! Contact me and let me know! All photos taken by John Entwistle –


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