ND Filter Sunset

Bringing Digital Concepts to the Real World

Or maybe it is the other way around?

Either way, every now and again I find myself sitting in the middle of nature, with an amazing opportunity to photograph the world around me. A few years ago, I got my first set of ND (Neutral Density) filters. The idea behind ND filters is that they darken your image by slowing down light waves, but do not affect the overall colour composition of the image. Of course, the proper way to use an ND filter is to place it in the proper filter holder attached to your lens, but I wanted to see what the true effect was! So I decided to hand hold the filter and allow it to only take up ~40% of the image.

Real life Instagram filters.

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When I took this particular picture, I did not realize that it would turn out looking as though the ND filter I was holding in my hand would turn out to look exactly like an Instagram filter! ND filters have obviously been around for much longer than Instagram, and but I thought the result was pretty cool! Since this picture, ND filters have become a staple in my photography kit. Especially when photographing sunsets, water, and landscapes!

What do you think?


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