A much more Straight forward shot of fireworks in Vancouver

Making the Best of Less-Than-Ideal Locations


For Canada Day this year I went up to my friend Grahams house for the fireworks show. Graham lives about five blocks from me, and is on the North Shore of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I was excited at the prospect of shooting the fireworks from his deck, as he is slightly up the hill from me, which I figured would provide me a better vantage point. When I arrived at his house, I found that there was a large tree blocking a part of the Vancouver Skyline. My first thought was, “do we have a  chainsaw?”, After drinking a beer with my friends that were there, I decided to scout the location to figure out where I wanted to shoot. There was really only one good angle which framed the tree to the left, and showed Canada Place and the Harbour Center off to the left. Although this did not provide me with the grand panorama of the skyline that I had in my head, it actually turned out very well! What do you think?


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