Behind the Scenes at a Sunset Shoot

Sometimes, people ask what goes in to some of my images. I will occasionally try to post a blog that showcases not only the finished picture, but a picture of the set up, as well as some context!

Tonight, I was out at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, B.C. It is a beautiful spot where you can catch the sun setting to the west, as well as the glow of the city lights and the Vancouver skyline to the east. I had set up facing north-west to catch the sun as it disappeared behind Bowen Island. Here is a picture of the setup:

Camera set up
A Behind the scenes look at my camera set up

As you can see, I had the camera on a tripod, as I was taking fairly long exposures (2-4 seconds). I also had an ND6 filter attached to the front of my Canon 16-35f2.8L II. The long exposures allow you to flatten out the water as it lets light in for longer (therefore blurring the waves, but not anything else). One of the key elements of this picture is of course the fact that I was willing to head out here alone on a Saturday night. Something I am aware not many people are willing to do!

And so, the results? Well here is the exact shot from when I took this set up shot. For the rest of the images of the night, check out my instagram or website!

Hope you enjoyed!

John E


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